What is IP? IP Explained: Ingress Protection rating (IP Rating, IP65 – IP68) system

What is Ingress Protection rating?  - The Ingress Protection rating (or Internal Protection rating) of your outdoor waterproof TV signifies just how resistant to harmful weather and conditions your weatherproof television actually is.  The IP code gives us a standard to measure all products by so you can do some comparisons before purchasing.

The standard range of weatherproof TVs have ratings from IP65 to IP68.  The two numbers after the “IP” each signify a different thing.  The first digit refers to the “solid particle protection” your weatherproof TV possesses.  This rating ranges from 0-6 with zero being “No protection against contact and ingress of objects” and six being “No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.”

The second digit refers to the “liquid ingress protection” or level of waterproof.  This rating ranges from 0-8 with zero being totally unprotected from contact with water and eight being capable of continuous immersion in water beyond one meter deep.
For the purpose of our weatherproof TVs, we will cover the three pertaining codes―IP65, IP66 and IP68.  An IP65 rated television such as the TileVision is considered fully dust tight and has a waterproof rating of “water jets” which signifies these TVs are protected up to “water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.”  In most areas, this level of protection is more than sufficient for outdoor use even through rain, splashes, etc.

The IP66 rated weatherproof TV, like the Aqualite Outdoor, is also fully dust tight.  Its waterproof rating is a bit higher and can handle more powerful jets of water from a 12.5mm nozzle.  Pretty much hurricane proof!

Finally, the IP68, such as the Proofvision screens, are completely dust tight and have the highest level of water ingress protection.  These screens could technically be submerged deeper than one meter without suffering any ill effects, so have no fear placing that weatherproof TV next to the waterfall at your dream home!

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