Watch Euro 2012 on an outdoor television screen!

We don’t know about you, but this winter is making us think about summer time and being outdoors.  Watch out this summer for Euro 2012 coming to an outdoor pub near you.  With the advent of waterproof outdoor TV screens at pubs, you can now watch TV outside.  Watching Euro 2012 in the pub at an outdoor area is going to be one of the most popular ways to view it.  Think about enjoying this popular sports event all while receiving a healthy dose of sunshine and open air.

Watching the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship is already going to be a much anticipated event.  If you could watch Euro 2012 in the pub on one of the outdoor TVs, the event is going to be that much more enjoyable.  Not to mention outdoors you can be as loud, rowdy and messy as you like!  Waterproof outdoor TVs can withstand damp weather as well as spilled (or thrown!) beers resulting from fans who are watching Euro 2012 at the pub.

Don’t waste any more time– find a pub with an outdoor area this summer and make sure they have a weatherproof outdoor TV so you can watch Euro 2012 outside with the rest of the hooligans.

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