The pure class of a Mirror TV – Enhance your home today!

One of the most popular designs for the waterproof TVs is the mirrored screen.  These awesome inventions look and act as a nice LCD television when turned on, and they instantly transform into tinted mirrors when turned off.  Besides looking amazing, that also allows a wider range of placement options because they can serve more than one purpose.  If you fear a bathroom TV or outdoor TV is too ostentatious, go for the subtle mirrored TV option which will allow the waterproof TV to blend in and stay out of sight unless it’s turned on.

Or go ahead and make your mirror screen TV the showcase!  Hang it in a place of pride and tie in the modern design of your home.  You can mount these mirrored televisions in your dressing area, in the bathroom, on the kitchen wall, next to your outdoor pool, or even in your living room over the fireplace.  They are sure to bring a touch of class to any room, inside or out, that you think would benefit from a TV.  Because the mirror TV is waterproof, you won’t even be held back by the usual killers of TVs like humidity, water and weather.

Admire yourself, admire the décor, or admire your favorite show; one thing all of your options have in common is that you will be admiring your mirrored TV!

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