Relax in style watching a movie on one of our fabulous bathrom tvs!

Do you want to relax in the bathtub, but you just get too bored laying there with nothing to do?  You should consider purchasing a waterproof bathroom TV to make bath time something you can really get into.  You may have encountered one of these waterproof TV screens at a high end hotel, but now they are available to the everyday consumers like you and me!  Now you can watch TV in the bath whenever the whim strikes you.

Waterproof televisions are built to withstand the harmful effects of dampness and humidity such as the conditions in the bathroom when taking a hot, steamy bath.  In fact, the glass 6mm thick viewing screens are designed to heat up which makes it impossible for condensation to form.  Thus, you’ll never have to worry about getting out of the tub to wipe off that screen.  Even the remote control can handle contact with water, so you can channel surf while submerged in the bath.

There’s really no downside to watching TV while relaxing in the bath.  Not only are you saving time by doing two things at once, but you’re living the luxurious life and taking time out of your busy schedule to relax and recharge.  Never take a boring bath again!

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