Our great range of Aqualite outdoor LED & LCD TV screens

Aqualite outdoor offers numerous IP66 rated weatherproof TVs in standard sizes as well as larger custom sizes that can be made to order.  These premium products boast LCD screens, some of which are backlit using LED light technology.  Many TVs that boast LED lighting are referring to screen edge lighting; not Aqualite!  When they say LED lighting, they mean full coverage behind the LCD panel.  The brightness can be simply controlled by the waterproof remote control to optimize viewing depending on the brightness in your outdoor area.

Aqualite offers two models of waterproof and weatherproof TVs―the AQLH and the AQLS.  The AQLH boasts the LED backlight while both products boast top notch brightness, glare proof screens, heat regulation, USB and memory card slots, rust resistance and more.  Because these waterproof televisions are made to withstand a range of temperatures (20 degrees Centigrade to forty-five degrees Centigrade) and inhospitable conditions, you can mount one anywhere inside or outside your home without worrying about the conditions it may encounter.

Whether for use at your residence or at your place of business, you really should consider purchasing an Aqualite outdoor TV; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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