Don’t let your luxury hotel slip behind the market leaders

Hotels make it their job to bring the very best to their guests.  In fact, it is becoming very popular for hotels to buy waterproof TVs for their high end rooms, so you may already be familiar with this invention.  With the variety of options for waterproof TVs for hotels, you may have encountered one and not even realized it!  A popular finish for the waterproof screens for hotels is the mirror TV.  These ingenious televisions double as mirrors when not in use.  This opens up more possibilities and hanging options because they are functional so they don’t waste precious space.

Whether in the bathroom for viewing while lounging in the whirlpool tub or in dressing areas to entertain and function as a mirror, mirror TVs for hotels are the wave of the future.  These classy waterproof televisions are also available in sleek black and silver finishes.  Because they can be mounted flush with the wall, premium floor space is protected and the risk of bumping the TV is nonexistent.  Did we mention they are waterproof?  This allows the televisions to be placed virtually anywhere without the concerns of dampness and steam that you would normally encounter.

Stay ahead of the curve and consider purchasing waterproof TVs for your hotel or business today! Have a look at our great collection of waterproof hotel tvs here.

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