A quick look at our range of Proofvision waterproof televisions

Proofvision is the largest online retailer for waterproof TVs in the UK.  No one has a wider range of waterproof TV sizes than Proofvision.  These HD ready, 100% waterproof televisions are affordable and amazing.  Consider a 15” to slip unobtrusively into your shower stall or to mount into your RV or camper.  Or maybe a 17” LCD panel TV for use on your yacht is more your style.

The versatile and popular 19” weatherproof TV is perfect for use as a splashback TV behind the kitchen sink or over the stove while Proofvision’s 22” or 26” can be mounted flush anywhere, inside or out, into almost any substance including tile and marble.

If size or space isn’t a concern, why not go for one of these monsters―the 32” or 42” widescreen LG HG LCD panels are ideal for hanging next to your pool or as a focal point in your living room or kitchen.  No matter what size you choose to go with, know that all of Proofvision’s TVs are weatherproof and waterproof which means they can withstand direct contact with water, steam, humidity, or any other liquid they may encounter.  This opens up your options for placement to include outdoor areas, saunas, baths, boats, and much more!

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