A little bit about our TileVision range of waterproof TVs

TileVision waterproof TVs are at the cutting edge of the weatherproof television revolution.  They offer sizes from 19” to 26” and a variety of finishes that allow you to match them to your own tastes.  The 19” model is perfect for cozy spaces that could use some excitement―bathrooms, kitchens, boats, dressing rooms, etc.  These splashback TVs can take a splashing and keep on working.  Just wipe them down and your 19” waterproof screen will be as good as new.

The 26” model is perfect for larger areas, especially if you want numerous people to be able to enjoy your waterproof television at once.  Mount them next to swimming pools, behind outdoor bars, in the garden, on the wall above the dining room table or over the fireplace in the living room.  Because these TVs are waterproof, you won’t be limited by pesky factors such as rain, steam, splashback or humidity.

For a really fabulous finishing touch, consider TileVision’s popular mirror TV aptly named The Mirage.  When in use, this lovely television boasts a beautiful LCD screen with a crisp picture.  When not in use, The Mirage is an illuminated mirror that is fancy and functional.  Make it a focal point or hide it away; the choice is yours!

To operate any of the TileVision waterproof TV models, a waterproof universal learning remote control is included.  Use these remotes while sitting in the bath, lounging in the pool or while washing dishes with no fear of injuring yourself or the remote control.

Expand your vision to TileVision and consider the endless possibilities.

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