Don’t let your luxury hotel slip behind the market leaders

Hotels make it their job to bring the very best to their guests.  In fact, it is becoming very popular for hotels to buy waterproof TVs for their high end rooms, so you may already be familiar with this invention.  With the variety of options for waterproof TVs for hotels, you may have encountered one and not even realized it!  A popular finish for the waterproof screens for hotels is the mirror TV.  These ingenious televisions double as mirrors when not in use.  This opens up more possibilities and hanging options because they are functional so they don’t waste precious space.

Whether in the bathroom for viewing while lounging in the whirlpool tub or in dressing areas to entertain and function as a mirror, mirror TVs for hotels are the wave of the future.  These classy waterproof televisions are also available in sleek black and silver finishes.  Because they can be mounted flush with the wall, premium floor space is protected and the risk of bumping the TV is nonexistent.  Did we mention they are waterproof?  This allows the televisions to be placed virtually anywhere without the concerns of dampness and steam that you would normally encounter.

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Relax in style watching a movie on one of our fabulous bathrom tvs!

Do you want to relax in the bathtub, but you just get too bored laying there with nothing to do?  You should consider purchasing a waterproof bathroom TV to make bath time something you can really get into.  You may have encountered one of these waterproof TV screens at a high end hotel, but now they are available to the everyday consumers like you and me!  Now you can watch TV in the bath whenever the whim strikes you.

Waterproof televisions are built to withstand the harmful effects of dampness and humidity such as the conditions in the bathroom when taking a hot, steamy bath.  In fact, the glass 6mm thick viewing screens are designed to heat up which makes it impossible for condensation to form.  Thus, you’ll never have to worry about getting out of the tub to wipe off that screen.  Even the remote control can handle contact with water, so you can channel surf while submerged in the bath.

There’s really no downside to watching TV while relaxing in the bath.  Not only are you saving time by doing two things at once, but you’re living the luxurious life and taking time out of your busy schedule to relax and recharge.  Never take a boring bath again!

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Make multi tasking easy with a waterproof shower tv!

Multitasking in this fast paced world of business and profit is a must.  That doesn’t have to mean overwhelming yourself with more than one task at once; it could also mean mixing business with pleasure.  For example, with a waterproof shower TV made especially for inside your shower stall, you can now watch the morning news while taking your morning shower!  Or catch up on your favorite evening sitcom while you take a bath to unwind at the end of a long, stressful day.  These TVs for the shower even double as digital radios, so you can sing your heart out to the top tunes while you shower.

Shower TVs make it possible to get more than one thing done at once as well as reducing the time waste that taking a shower can sometimes be.  Watch that business proposal one last time before heading to the meeting, queue up that documentary and let it soak in during your morning soak so it’s fresh in your mind in case there’s a pop quiz in class.  The possibilities with TVs for the shower are endless!  A TV for shower was just a high end dream in the not too distant past; no more!  Waterproof TVs for the shower are today’s reality.  Make one yours.

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Watch Euro 2012 on an outdoor television screen!

We don’t know about you, but this winter is making us think about summer time and being outdoors.  Watch out this summer for Euro 2012 coming to an outdoor pub near you.  With the advent of waterproof outdoor TV screens at pubs, you can now watch TV outside.  Watching Euro 2012 in the pub at an outdoor area is going to be one of the most popular ways to view it.  Think about enjoying this popular sports event all while receiving a healthy dose of sunshine and open air.

Watching the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship is already going to be a much anticipated event.  If you could watch Euro 2012 in the pub on one of the outdoor TVs, the event is going to be that much more enjoyable.  Not to mention outdoors you can be as loud, rowdy and messy as you like!  Waterproof outdoor TVs can withstand damp weather as well as spilled (or thrown!) beers resulting from fans who are watching Euro 2012 at the pub.

Don’t waste any more time– find a pub with an outdoor area this summer and make sure they have a weatherproof outdoor TV so you can watch Euro 2012 outside with the rest of the hooligans.

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Waterproof outdoor tvs – Watch the London 2012 Olympics in style!

The London 2012 Olympic Games are scheduled to begin in July, just in time for the height of beautiful summer weather.  How do you choose between spending time outside soaking up the sun and fresh air or watching the Olympics cooped up inside?  You don’t have to decide anymore!  With outdoor TVs you can watch Olympics outside or watch Olympics at the pub in an outside setting.

Outdoor TV screens are a great idea for pubs with outdoor seating areas.  Any pub that knows what’s best for its bank account and the enjoyment of its patrons will start looking into purchasing an outdoor TV before the summer arrives.  Think of all the promotions and pub parties associated with the 2012 Olympics, and how much more desirable they’d be if watching the Olympics outside were an option.  Outdoor TVs are able to withstand dampness and humidity, so no matter the weather, or the messiness of pub patrons, these waterproof televisions will deliver the 2012 Olympics in crystal clarity.

So bring in the sun and fresh air, bring in the London 2012 Olympic Games, bring together the best of two worlds and bring in the crowds with an outdoor TV at your pub or outside area now and start the trend of watching TV outside today!

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