Big screen TV hire from Waterproof Tvs Direct

Big screen TV hire from Waterproof Tvs Direct Big screen TV hire is the perfect option when having an event or party that requires the use of a large television for a short period of time. In these situations it isn’t always necessary to buy a big screen TV if you are only using it once. Corporate events, football matches, parties, rallies and much more could benefit from a big screen TV hire for the day or weekend. We can even rent you a big screen TV with short notice such as if your large television breaks right before a big event and you don’t have the time or money to replace it immediately. In addition to using our big screen TV hire for events and unexpected emergencies, you can also use it as a perfect way to try out a new TV that you’ve been thinking about buying. Now you will know ahead of time whether or not it will fit in your room and if the features are a good match for you and your family. Pick up and delivery options are often available. So make your next party or event a winner with a big screen TV hire!

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Big Screen TV Hire

What is IP? IP Explained: Ingress Protection rating (IP Rating, IP65 – IP68) system

What is Ingress Protection rating?  - The Ingress Protection rating (or Internal Protection rating) of your outdoor waterproof TV signifies just how resistant to harmful weather and conditions your weatherproof television actually is.  The IP code gives us a standard to measure all products by so you can do some comparisons before purchasing.

The standard range of weatherproof TVs have ratings from IP65 to IP68.  The two numbers after the “IP” each signify a different thing.  The first digit refers to the “solid particle protection” your weatherproof TV possesses.  This rating ranges from 0-6 with zero being “No protection against contact and ingress of objects” and six being “No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.”

The second digit refers to the “liquid ingress protection” or level of waterproof.  This rating ranges from 0-8 with zero being totally unprotected from contact with water and eight being capable of continuous immersion in water beyond one meter deep.
For the purpose of our weatherproof TVs, we will cover the three pertaining codes―IP65, IP66 and IP68.  An IP65 rated television such as the TileVision is considered fully dust tight and has a waterproof rating of “water jets” which signifies these TVs are protected up to “water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.”  In most areas, this level of protection is more than sufficient for outdoor use even through rain, splashes, etc.

The IP66 rated weatherproof TV, like the Aqualite Outdoor, is also fully dust tight.  Its waterproof rating is a bit higher and can handle more powerful jets of water from a 12.5mm nozzle.  Pretty much hurricane proof!

Finally, the IP68, such as the Proofvision screens, are completely dust tight and have the highest level of water ingress protection.  These screens could technically be submerged deeper than one meter without suffering any ill effects, so have no fear placing that weatherproof TV next to the waterfall at your dream home!

Our great range of Aqualite outdoor LED & LCD TV screens

Aqualite outdoor offers numerous IP66 rated weatherproof TVs in standard sizes as well as larger custom sizes that can be made to order.  These premium products boast LCD screens, some of which are backlit using LED light technology.  Many TVs that boast LED lighting are referring to screen edge lighting; not Aqualite!  When they say LED lighting, they mean full coverage behind the LCD panel.  The brightness can be simply controlled by the waterproof remote control to optimize viewing depending on the brightness in your outdoor area.

Aqualite offers two models of waterproof and weatherproof TVs―the AQLH and the AQLS.  The AQLH boasts the LED backlight while both products boast top notch brightness, glare proof screens, heat regulation, USB and memory card slots, rust resistance and more.  Because these waterproof televisions are made to withstand a range of temperatures (20 degrees Centigrade to forty-five degrees Centigrade) and inhospitable conditions, you can mount one anywhere inside or outside your home without worrying about the conditions it may encounter.

Whether for use at your residence or at your place of business, you really should consider purchasing an Aqualite outdoor TV; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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A quick look at our range of Proofvision waterproof televisions

Proofvision is the largest online retailer for waterproof TVs in the UK.  No one has a wider range of waterproof TV sizes than Proofvision.  These HD ready, 100% waterproof televisions are affordable and amazing.  Consider a 15” to slip unobtrusively into your shower stall or to mount into your RV or camper.  Or maybe a 17” LCD panel TV for use on your yacht is more your style.

The versatile and popular 19” weatherproof TV is perfect for use as a splashback TV behind the kitchen sink or over the stove while Proofvision’s 22” or 26” can be mounted flush anywhere, inside or out, into almost any substance including tile and marble.

If size or space isn’t a concern, why not go for one of these monsters―the 32” or 42” widescreen LG HG LCD panels are ideal for hanging next to your pool or as a focal point in your living room or kitchen.  No matter what size you choose to go with, know that all of Proofvision’s TVs are weatherproof and waterproof which means they can withstand direct contact with water, steam, humidity, or any other liquid they may encounter.  This opens up your options for placement to include outdoor areas, saunas, baths, boats, and much more!

A little bit about our TileVision range of waterproof TVs

TileVision waterproof TVs are at the cutting edge of the weatherproof television revolution.  They offer sizes from 19” to 26” and a variety of finishes that allow you to match them to your own tastes.  The 19” model is perfect for cozy spaces that could use some excitement―bathrooms, kitchens, boats, dressing rooms, etc.  These splashback TVs can take a splashing and keep on working.  Just wipe them down and your 19” waterproof screen will be as good as new.

The 26” model is perfect for larger areas, especially if you want numerous people to be able to enjoy your waterproof television at once.  Mount them next to swimming pools, behind outdoor bars, in the garden, on the wall above the dining room table or over the fireplace in the living room.  Because these TVs are waterproof, you won’t be limited by pesky factors such as rain, steam, splashback or humidity.

For a really fabulous finishing touch, consider TileVision’s popular mirror TV aptly named The Mirage.  When in use, this lovely television boasts a beautiful LCD screen with a crisp picture.  When not in use, The Mirage is an illuminated mirror that is fancy and functional.  Make it a focal point or hide it away; the choice is yours!

To operate any of the TileVision waterproof TV models, a waterproof universal learning remote control is included.  Use these remotes while sitting in the bath, lounging in the pool or while washing dishes with no fear of injuring yourself or the remote control.

Expand your vision to TileVision and consider the endless possibilities.

The pure class of a Mirror TV – Enhance your home today!

One of the most popular designs for the waterproof TVs is the mirrored screen.  These awesome inventions look and act as a nice LCD television when turned on, and they instantly transform into tinted mirrors when turned off.  Besides looking amazing, that also allows a wider range of placement options because they can serve more than one purpose.  If you fear a bathroom TV or outdoor TV is too ostentatious, go for the subtle mirrored TV option which will allow the waterproof TV to blend in and stay out of sight unless it’s turned on.

Or go ahead and make your mirror screen TV the showcase!  Hang it in a place of pride and tie in the modern design of your home.  You can mount these mirrored televisions in your dressing area, in the bathroom, on the kitchen wall, next to your outdoor pool, or even in your living room over the fireplace.  They are sure to bring a touch of class to any room, inside or out, that you think would benefit from a TV.  Because the mirror TV is waterproof, you won’t even be held back by the usual killers of TVs like humidity, water and weather.

Admire yourself, admire the décor, or admire your favorite show; one thing all of your options have in common is that you will be admiring your mirrored TV!

Weatherproof outdoor tvs are now affordable for everybody!

Weatherproof TVs aren’t just for the rich and privileged anymore.  The price has reduced enough for almost everyone to afford one.  These outdoor televisions can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home without ever having to worry about the dampness, heat or weather conditions.  A waterproof TV will add to the value of your home and the value of your fun.

Add a weatherproof television to your RV or boat if that’s where you spend your down time; mount one next to your pool or in your sauna for entertaining family, friends and party guests; hang it in your garden to instantly create another livable outdoor area or consider one for your pub’s patio space if you’re a business owner.  The uses and placement options are unlimited.

A weatherproof TV can withstand rain, wind, heat and humidity without losing any quality in the picture or sound.  They are easily mounted and unobtrusive.  There’s nothing quite like the glamorous and luxuriant feeling of watching an outside TV in the comfort of your own outdoor space.  You’ll feel like a king, but won’t be spending money like one.  Outdoor waterproof TVs are now affordable for everyone.

Upgrade your kitchen with an awesome splashback tv

A splashback TV for your kitchen is going to transform the way you think about cooking and cleaning.  With a variety of sizes, frame options and screen finishes, you are sure to find a fit for your space and tastes.  Match it to your décor, use it as a piece of art, or get a mirror finish that fulfills dual functions; the choice is all yours.

It is an awesome feeling to look forward to completing your chores.  With splashback TVs for the kitchen you can flush mount a kitchen TV right into the tiling or wall behind your sink, above the stove, by the dining table, etc.  These waterproof kitchen TVs are perfectly capable of handling the damp and sometimes hot conditions in your kitchen.  The screens can easily be wiped down if they suffer any splashback.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t have to bribe your child into doing the dishes or cooking dinner anymore; they’ll want to do it all the time because it means some extra time watching TV.  These splashback televisions can also be hooked up to DVD players, video game consoles, DVRs and more, so they function just as any other LCD TV in your house with the added bonus of being waterproof and weatherproof.

Add a bit of luxury to your home with a Waterproof tv

If money is too tight to go abroad on your next holiday, turn your own home into a luxurious vacation spot!  For much less than it would cost to travel, you can own your own waterproof TV that will instantly transform any space inside or outside your house into a five star hotel and spa.  Waterproof televisions are becoming more and more popular for people taking staycations instead of vacations.

Throw a pool party and wow your guests with a large outdoor TV that is sturdy and weatherproof.  Relax in the bath or shower with your significant other and create your own romantic getaway by watching a waterproof TV right in the shower stall.  Pampering yourself with some luxury is good for the mind, body and spirit, and isn’t too hard on your wallet either.

Luxury is at a premium these days with the sometimes stressful state of the economy, so bringing the luxury right into your home is becoming a popular alternative to going abroad for holiday.  You’ll feel as though you are in a top notch inn, all while increasing the value of your home and treating yourself and your family to something luxurious and special.  After all, there’s no one more important to pamper than you.

Waterproof tvs for swimming pools and saunas

Relaxing poolside or in the sauna is already a popular pastime, but think how much better it would be if you had a large waterproof TV by your swimming pool or sauna!  This dream is achievable with an outdoor waterproof TV.  It will add instant class and a whole new dimension to entertaining guests.

Large screens are ideal for these spaces because they can be seen from a distance and by more people at once.  Mount the waterproof TV in the wall of your sauna or pool patio, place the speaker in the ceiling, and then just sit back, relax and watch your waterproof television for many seasons to come.

The conditions inside a sauna, while soothing, are inhospitable for nearly all electronic devices.  But not waterproof TVs!  This invention is specifically designed for just such an area, and they won’t suffer any ill effects from being in the heat, steam and humidity.  In fact, a waterproof TV in the sauna will withstand the conditions a lot longer than you can; we’re talking years here.  Add one to your pool or sauna area and gain some instant class and luxury.  It’s about time to start enjoying a waterproof television by your swimming pool or sauna and sharing the benefits with your friends and family.